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An M-Kopa agent in court for stealing

A man who pleaded guilty of stealing goods worth sh 170,000 from M-KOPA Solar, a Safaricom dealership company specializing in solar goods, was today released on a sh 200,000 bond with a surety of the same amount by a Busia Court.
The court heard from Lilian Cheruto, the complainant and proprietor of the dealership that
M-KOPA Solar offers customers a solar system with lights, phone chargers, and solar powered radios among other items.
The system is available for a deposit followed by daily payments by the retailer who accesses goods from the shop.
The accused, Samuel Mesiza Namenge is alleged to have taken ten solar panels, twenty bulbs, ten portable lamps, ten batteries, ten radios, ten Universal Serial Bar (USB) chargers and control boxes from the dealership shop but failed to remit the amount agreed upon between him and the complainant.


Namenge who appeared before Chief Magistrate Wanjiku Cherere is said to have committed the crime on January, 24, 2014 at Legio Estate of Busia Township.

The accused led police officers to a neighbour where he had hidden the stolen goods from where they were recovered and produced in court as evidence during the court session today.

The magistrate set the ruling of the case for February, 26, 2014.



Group unveils Isukuti dance

Water hawking decried

AUG 16, 2012
By Kakamegatimes reporter
Residents of Kakamega municipality have been urged to chlorinate water drawn from boreholes in an effort to protect them from contracting water borne diseases, which have led to loss of lives.
 Addressing the stakeholders during a three day sensitization workshop held at the Busia Agricultural Training Centre [ATC] yesterday, a senior public health officer from Kakamega Municipal Council, Arthur Muganda expressed concern saying scores of water traders operating within the municipality draw water from boreholes which they package in plastic containers before selling the same to unsuspecting consumers.
“Majority of water vendors within the municipality draw untreated water from rivers and boreholes which they pack in plastic containers and sell the same to unsuspecting consumers oblivious of the danger posed,” said the public health officer, adding that scores of people have ended up contracting typhoid and other waterborne diseases.
He urged the farmers to treat their sewerage before releasing the waste products to their farms saying that waste products if released directly to the crops are harmful to their health.
The public health officer at the same time urged the participants to discourage traders in their respective areas against spreading their goods on the ground where are likely to be contaminated, adding that they should instead sell the same on raised stalls in accordance with the municipal health by-laws.
“All traders especially those selling vegetables should use raised stalls instead of spreading their goods on the ground,” said Muganda
The residents were also advised to ensure they constructed pit latrines within their homesteads rather than relieving themselves in the bush, a situation he noted was a big health risk.

Desist from tribal politics, Kenyans urged

Kakamega July 18, 2012

By Leopold Obi

Minister of State for Special Programmes Esther Murugi has asked Kenyans to shun politicians whose activities may plunge the country into another wave of violence.

In her speech at an international conference on Disaster Risk Reduction and Conflict Resolution held at Masinde Muliro University , the minister pointed out that a humanitarian crisis resulting from the displacement of over 500,000 people in the aftermath of the 2007 elections was due to bad politics in the country.

Ms Murugi also said that the government is committed to build a peaceful and cohesive nation through national peace forums spearheaded by President Mwai Kibaki who has been using his official tours around the nation to blow the trumpet of peace and harmony.

She added  that adverse climatic change has destabilized the national food security resulting to recurrent food shortages in various parts of the country.

The minister said the government has put in place measures to beef up security in North Eastern Province along Kenya –Somalia border in order to contain threats from Al-shabaab militia. “Security forces have also been deployed to areas prone to banditry and cattle rustling such as Turkana, Samburu, west pokot, Baringo and Moyale to stop the menace,” she said.

She also pointed out that adverse climatic change has destabilized the national food security resulting to recurrent food shortages in various parts of the country.

The minister said this in a speech read on her behalf by Kakamega county commissioner Kamau Kobia.

To enhance food security in the country, the Director of Kenya Agricultural Research Institute Dr. Ephraim Mukirisa said farmers should adopt new technologies to increase agricultural productivity to cater for the growing population.

He encouraged farmers to practice greenhouse farming rather than relying on rain- fed agriculture, use of hatcheries to breed chicks instead of the traditional hen-based breeding.

He appealed to the government to formulate policies to mitigate disasters like pest, diseases, flash-floods and drought to cushion farmers against losses.

The conference was attended by among others students from tertiary institutions and universities across the country, some university administrators,government officials and representatives of various interest groups.


Jirongo tells of plot to assasinate some leaders ahead of 2012 elections


Thursday, July 19, 2012        By Chris Mahandara.

Presidential hopeful Cyrus Jirongo has accused the government of fanning insecurity in some parts of the country to eliminate some presidential candidates.

Jirongo cited various incidents among the recent attacks in Garisa which he said was a ploy by the government to assassinate some politicians to ensure that one of their own is elected president.

The Lugari MP said similar incidents have occurred in the past leading to the assassination of Pio Gama Pinto, JM Kariuki, Robbert Ouko and Masinde.

Jirongo said he will not be cowed adding that he will intensify his presidential campaigns in western and across the country.

Speaking during a funeral at Shamakhokho in Hamisi district, the legislator who has come under sharp criticism over his failure to support Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi said he was his own man and will not support any candidate who has been planted by the state to split votes.

He asked the electorate to be on the watch out for such candidates who have been planted across the country to split votes to ensure that a candidate preferred by the government takes over power from President Kibaki.

The MP disclosed that he will launch his new political party on whose ticket he will run for presidency later this month.

“I have a new house and I want to assure you it is not ODM, UDF, PNU of URP, this is a party for all Kenyans and very soon I will launch it and invite you to join,” he said.

Implement the constitition, civil servants told


Thursday, July 19nth 2012

By Chris Mahandara.

Civil servants have been asked to actively participate in the implementation of the new constitution to ensure that the law is followed to the latter. Outgoing Western Provincial Commissioner (PC) Mr. Samuel Kilele said for there to be a smooth transition in the forth coming general elections, the new constitution must be fully implemented. The PC said civil servants deployed across the country were key in ensuring that the provisions of the new constitution are followed. The transition, he said shall be a test to all civil servants adding that they must remain vigilant to ensure that the process is smooth. Speaking in his office today after handing over to incoming PC Mr. James Ole Sirian, Kilele urged civil servants to work diligently and adhere to the code of ethics as devolution takes shape. “This devolution is coming with many changes and we must be prepared to change with the times,” he said. On his part, Mr. James Ole Sirian who was transferred from North Eastern said he will work closely with all public servants in the province to ensure that the transition period is peaceful. “Transition is going to be a very challenging exercise. It is likely to be disruptive and create friction here and there and we must be prepared to address these issues,” said the PC.

Police to check hotel records of visitors, PC



By Chris Mahandara.

Hotel owners in Western Province have been directed to keep an up to date record of visitors and report any suspects to the police to prevent attacks by Alshabab militia.

Western Provincial Commissioner Mr. Samuel Kilele said legal action will be taken against any hotel that has no records of visitors to ensure that security in the area is maintained.

The PC asked security officers to make impromptu visits to the hotels to ensure that the directive is enforced.

Speaking during Madaraka day celebrations at Bukhungu Stadium in Kakamega town, the administrator further asked security officers at Busia and Malaba on the border of Kenya and Uganda to be vigilant to ensure that no aliens are allowed into the country.

Mr. Kilele decried increased incidents of crime in Kakamega where gangs armed with pangas descend on innocent people at night saying police were trailing them and will soon make arrests.

He urged the locals to volunteer information to the police to ensure that all criminals in the area are brought to book.


Minister to appeal against court’s decision stopping him from cancelling census results


Thursday, February 09, 2012

By Chris Mahandara.

Planning Minister Wycliffe Oparanya has expressed displeasure over the high court’s decision to stop him from cancelling 2009 census results in 8 districts of North eastern Province.

The Minister said the high court ruling was illegal since the census act of 2006 empowers the minister for planning to ensure that any statistics used by the government for planning is accurate.

In an exclusive interview with Kakamegatimes, the minister said he was set to appeal against the decision that would see Kenya’s population adjusted by 900, 000.

As a result the country’s actual population according to the minister is 37.3 million and not 38 million as per the 2010 provisional results.

Mr. Oparanya said specialists have examined the data collected in 2009 using all internationally accepted methods which identified flaws in the provisional results for the 8 districts announced by the government in 2010.

“The results we released were provisional and I raised the red flag after realizing that the data from the affected districts was not correct that is why two and a half years down the line we have not announced actual results,” he said.

The minister said the decision to stop him from cancelling the results was unfair because it will lead to inequitable distribution of resources.

“We disbursed this financial year’s Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to the affected constituencies based on the provisional results which are not correct as a result we have given some people more that they require,” he said.

The matter, he said shall be tabled before cabinet soon to ensure that the figures are adjusted for effective planning.

“We cannot be compelled by the court to use results that are wrong and in the process promote fraud and deny other Kenyans their rightful share of the national cake,” he said.

High Court Judge, Justice Mohamed Warsame, ruled on Tuesday that to allow the Minister to cancel the results would be detrimental to the affected districts.

The affected districts were Lagdera, Mandera East, Mandera Central, Mandera West, Wajir East, Turkana North, Turkana South and Turkana Central.

“There is nothing to suggest the minister had power to cancel results of the eight districts; there is no direct or secondary evidence to support cancellation of the census results,” Warsame declared.

The judge said such a decision should have been based within the confines of the law, adding that the minister acted in excess of jurisdiction and without authority.

Warsame was delivering a ruling on an application lodged by leaders from the affected regions who were seeking orders quashing the minister’s decision to cancel the results and stop the State from publishing them in a gazette notice.

Also sought for was an order barring those sued from acting on the census data.

Apart from Oparanya, they had also sued the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) and the defunct Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission.

Group unveils original isukuti dance beat

KAKAMEGA     Tuesday, February 07, 2012

By Chris Mahandara.

Lovers of Isukuti dance have a chance to listen to its original beat which a group of traditional dancers from Ikolomani constituency in Kakamega County have perfected.

The beat comes two years after United National Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared Isukuti dance a national heritage because of its popularity.

According to the leader of Muliimba traditional dancers Mr. Isaac Shiluli, their style is the undisputed original beat of Isukuti dance in the world.

Mr. Shiluli said his group was ready to face any challenge from any other group in the country and particularly Kakamega where the beat originated that feels has a better version of the original Isukuti beat.

Isukuti dance now played in many social and public functions in the country is said to have been developed in Ikolomani by the Idakho sub tribe of the Luhya community and spread to other parts of western province before becoming a national dance.

Currently there are many groups in Western Province which play Isukuti in different beats depending on which part of the province they come from.

Isukuti is also played by international groups which entertain tourists at hotels, airports and Kenyan embassies across the world.

Muliimba traditional dancers came to fame two years ago when they emerged the best during an Isukuti dance competition between Ikolomani and Shinyalu constituencies sponsored by UNESCO and the department of culture at Sigalagala Polytechnic in Ikolomani.

Mr. Shiluli says since then his group has perfected the beat to its original form and is working hard to make it much better and unique.

“After listening to other beats in Western province I am convinced that ours is the best,” he said.

He made the remarks at Kwela Kwela cultural center in Shinyalu where the group entertained guest s over the weekend.

During the performance, members of the group who mainly play the drums exhibited different styles of dancing Isukuti.

He said the group has since grown to incorporate women and children who dance Isukuti in its original form.

He hailed UNESCO for declaring Isukuti dance a national heritage and appealed to the government and development partners to help his group train more youth to make a career out of the dance.

The proprietor of Kwela Kwela cultural center, Mr. Gaitano Likhavila concurred with Mr. Shiluli’s sentiments saying out of all the groups that play at the center, Muliimba has the best beat.

The centre located near the famous Crying Stone along the Kisumu-Kakamega highway invites traditional dancers to perform for guests.