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House adjourned as members seek pay rise

KAKAMEGA               Wednesday 8, March 2013          By Kakamegatimes

Business at Kakamega County Assembly has come to a standstill after members moved a motion to adjourn the house seeking a pay hike.
The motion was moved by leader of majority Reuben Nyangewso who said the members were unable to move from their respective wards to attend the assembly since they have no commutter and house allowances.
He added that the salary of the county assembly members was inadequate to facilitate their movement and enable them participate effectively in the business of the house.
“Kakamega County is big and for the last two months members have suffered travelling from far flung corners of this county to attend the assembly others have been forced to sleep is weird places,” he said.
Nyangwesso said the members will from today operate from their wards untill their grievances are addressed.
“We shall wait for communication from the speaker once our grievances have been addressed,” he said.
The motion was seconded by leader of minority Steven Ambulwa who took issue with the salaries and renumeration commission.
The commission, he said must be disbanded since it has failed to harmonise salaries of state officers.
He said it was unfair to pay county ward representatives in kakamega County Sh. 52, 000 yet they are suppossed to oversee Sh. 10 billion to be devolved to the second largest county in the country.
He asked the SRC to peg the county assembly members salary on that of the governor to ensure that they actively perform their duties.
The members, he said will push to be paid a salary of Sh. 320, 000 plus house and commutter allowances.
The move comes at a time when the members are expected to vet the namers of executive committee members at the same time discuss the budget.
House speaker Maurice Buluma said the members were frustrated adding that effoprts to seek audience with the SRC were futile.
“We have on several occassions booked appointments with the SRC chairperson but whenever we go to Nairobi she is nowhere to be seen,” he said.
He however remained optimistic that the issue shall be addressed so that normal house business resumes.


Desist from tribal politics, Kenyans urged

Kakamega July 18, 2012

By Leopold Obi

Minister of State for Special Programmes Esther Murugi has asked Kenyans to shun politicians whose activities may plunge the country into another wave of violence.

In her speech at an international conference on Disaster Risk Reduction and Conflict Resolution held at Masinde Muliro University , the minister pointed out that a humanitarian crisis resulting from the displacement of over 500,000 people in the aftermath of the 2007 elections was due to bad politics in the country.

Ms Murugi also said that the government is committed to build a peaceful and cohesive nation through national peace forums spearheaded by President Mwai Kibaki who has been using his official tours around the nation to blow the trumpet of peace and harmony.

She added  that adverse climatic change has destabilized the national food security resulting to recurrent food shortages in various parts of the country.

The minister said the government has put in place measures to beef up security in North Eastern Province along Kenya –Somalia border in order to contain threats from Al-shabaab militia. “Security forces have also been deployed to areas prone to banditry and cattle rustling such as Turkana, Samburu, west pokot, Baringo and Moyale to stop the menace,” she said.

She also pointed out that adverse climatic change has destabilized the national food security resulting to recurrent food shortages in various parts of the country.

The minister said this in a speech read on her behalf by Kakamega county commissioner Kamau Kobia.

To enhance food security in the country, the Director of Kenya Agricultural Research Institute Dr. Ephraim Mukirisa said farmers should adopt new technologies to increase agricultural productivity to cater for the growing population.

He encouraged farmers to practice greenhouse farming rather than relying on rain- fed agriculture, use of hatcheries to breed chicks instead of the traditional hen-based breeding.

He appealed to the government to formulate policies to mitigate disasters like pest, diseases, flash-floods and drought to cushion farmers against losses.

The conference was attended by among others students from tertiary institutions and universities across the country, some university administrators,government officials and representatives of various interest groups.


Mudavadi leaving ODM, says Khalwale


Monday, April 15, 2012          By Chris Mahandara.
New Ford Kenya Director of Elections Dr. Boni Khalwale has confirmed
that Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi is ditching Orange
Democratic Movement (ODM) for the party ahead of the general
Dr. Khalwale who is MP for Ikolomani said Mudavadi was now in the same
camp with him after Prime Minister Raila Odinga employed theatrics to
deny him a chance to seek presidency through ODM.
The MP who, ten months ago fiercely battled it out with ODM during
campaigns for the Ikolomani by elections said Mudavadi who declared
his interest in the top seat was now working closely with New Ford
“If Raila failed to defeat me at the by election last year, I want to
assure him that I have now teamed up with his deputy and we are going
to defeat him,” said the MP.
Speaking during a funeral at Shiamusinjili in Ikolomani constituency,
Dr. Khalwale said Raila who claims to be a democrat had failed by
using unorthodox ways to block Mudavadi from seeking the party’s
nomination to run for presidency.
“If it is true that the prime Minister is the favorite candidate as
indicated in the opinion polls why does he fear Mudavadi?, questioned
the MP.
The legislator lashed out at Kisumu town MP Shakir Shabir over his
remarks that the DPM was an adopted child in ODM saying it was a clear
indicator that Raila and his cronies undermine Mudavadi.
He however said Mudavadi like any other party member has the
constitutional right to vie for presidency through the orange party.
He added that for many years, leaders from the Luhya community have
been viewed as a stepping stone to power urging Mudavadi to stand his
ground to realize his presidential ambitions.
The MP further took issue with the government over the increased fuel
prices adding that he will put the energy minister to task to regulate
the prices which are bound to increase the cost of living.
He added that he will table before parliament a bill to determine the
qualifications of councilors to ensure that grassroots leaders who
have the interests of the electorate at hears are not locked out.
“To say that councilors must have a form four certificate and
additional qualifications is outrageous because basically they
represent interests of the common man and they don’t need to have all
those qualifications,” said the MP.

MP hints on a possible split of ODM

KAKAMEGA       Monday, March 22, 2012

By Chris Mahandara.

Shinyalu Member of Parliament Kizito Mugali has hinted of a possible fall out in Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party if Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi is shortchanged in the party’s presidential nominations.

The MP said supporters of party leader Raila Odinga were hell bent on using unorthodox means to axe Mudavadi.

Kizito said supporters of Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi will not sit back and watch their leader being mistreated in the party.

“We have the numbers and we shall not allow anybody to intimidate because all we want is a free and fair election for the best candidate to carry the flag of our party,” he said.

Speaking yesterday at Butali in kakamega East district during the funeral of the late Bering Shitanda brother to Housing Minister Soita Shitanda, the legislator said ODM enjoys a lot of support in Western Kenya and everybody was watching the unfolding events in the party.

He said time has come for Prime Minister Raila Odinga to support Musalia Mudavadi who has been loyal to him for many years.

Housing Minister Soita Shitanda who has declared his support for Mudavadi asked ODM delegates who support the DPM to have an alternative plan since it was unlikely for him to sail through the party’s nominations given the tactics being used by Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his supporters.

He said the National Delegates Conference fronted by the Raila camp was a ploy to lock out Mudavadi because history shows similar exercises in Nairobi have been dogged by vote buying and stealing.

The Minister who is also New Ford Kenya party leader said he was ready to avail the party as a vehicle for Mudavadi to realize his presidential dream if he is shortchanged in ODM.

Wamalwa urged to shelve his presidential ambitions and support Mudavadi.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

By Chris Mahandara.

New Ford Kenya Presidential hopeful Eugine Wamalwa has been asked to shelve his ambitions and back Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi.

Ikolomani Member of Parliament Dr. Boni Khalwale said time has come for all MP’s and particularly those interested in presidency from Western Province to throw their weight behind Mudavadi who is seeking the seat through the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

The MP said New Ford Kenya will which was formed on a platform of bringing change and reforms will prevail upon the Saboti MP to support Mudavadi if he sails through the ODM nominations.

“Wamalwa is young and energetic so he should be prepared to mark time behind Mudavadi if nominated to carry the ODM flag,” said the legislator.

Other presidential candidates from the region Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetangula, Bumula MP Bifwoli Wakoli and Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo are also under pressure from elders and leaders from the area to back Mudavadi for the top seat.

Speaking at a funeral in Malava yesterday, Khalwale took issue with ODM party leader Prime Minister Raila Odinga who over the weekend asked nonparty members to stop meddling with the party’s affairs saying leaders from the region will not fold their arms and watch him deny Mudavadi a chance to lead the country.

“We have confidence in Musalia Mudavadi and even if we are not members of ODM we cannot allow anybody to undermine him,” said the legislator.

The MP urged ODM delegates from the region to be alert and through their weight behind the deputy prime minister to deliver the presidency.

“We have deputized the Prime Minister for all these years and it is only fair for him to also give us a chance,” said Khalwale.

Speaking at the same funeral, Housing Minister Soita Shitanda said even though leaders from the region were fully supporting Mudavadi, the decision to make him the party’s torchbearer lies with the delegates.

“You must demonstrate solidarity and support him when the elections are called or else the dream of bringing presidency to Western will remain a pipe dream,” he said.

ODM wrangles in Lurambi intensify


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

By Chris Mahandara.

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Lurambi Sub branch leadership wrangles intensified yesterday with one aggrieved group insisting it will go to court to block the party national elections if fresh grass root elections for the area are not called within seven days.

The aggrieved group led by chairmen from 17 wards has given the ODM elections board a seven days ultimatum to order fresh elections for the sub branch.

Yesterday one of the officials of the sub branch Mr. Francis Afundi said they want the election repeated because those purporting to lead the sub branch were not constitutionally elected but handpicked.

He said for democracy to be seen to be working election of leaders at any level of the party must be conducted in a free and fair manner.

The officials, he said were in office illegally adding that if the matter is not resolved by Orange house a case would be filled in Court on 13th January.

Yesterday the two groups held meetings in separate hotels in Kakamega town after the Afundi led group declined to have a joint meeting with the officials in question.

Afundi called on the ODM party leader Prime Minister Raila Odinga to intervene and order for fresh election to end wrangles in the sub branch.

He said the group paid Sh. 20, 000 which the ODM elections board requires to hear appeals from aggrieved members of the party but so far nothing has been done to address the issue.

Speaking separately, a representative of the other group Mr. David Malala who was elected sub branch organizing secretary said the splinter group was being used by politicians whom lost out at county elections to destabilize the party.

Mr. Malala said some of them are not even member of ODM adding that the officials were elected in a transparent manner.

“We are legally in office and have already embarked on strengthening the party at grassroots level,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from the branch chairman Lurambi MP Manyala Keya were futile.

However Mr. Peter Mate, the sub branch interim chairman denied they were being used by one of the losers in the county elections.

He said the 17 ODM wards chairmen represented the interests and desires of the party’s members in the sub branch to have properly elected leaders who can steer the party to victory in the forth coming general elections. Lurambi has a total of 19 wards.

“If they claim they were elected then how come 17 out of 19 chairmen are not with them?” he asked.

Im ready to support Mudavadi, says Raila


Tuesday, Dec 27, 2011       By Kakamegatimes reporter

Prime Minister Raila Odinga has pledged to support ODM deputy leader Musalia Mudavadi if the latter clinches the party’s nominations next year.

Raila said internal democracy in the party has created room for competition and nobody should dictate to the party the best way to run its affairs.

“Some people are saying I should look for another running mate if I become the party’s flag bearer,” he told a crowd in Vihiga Constituency where he attended this year’s Maragoli Cultural Festivals.

“I said I will support Musalia if he bags the party ticket just as he has promised to do if I clinch it.”

He downplayed wrangles that dogged the party’s recent grassroots’ elections arguing that it was because of the party’s popularity that people wanted to be associated with it.

The PM railed at those who opposed the constitution casting doubts on their commitment at implementing the laws adding that implementing the constitution as it is was key to uplifting the lives of Kenyans.

The two party leaders said ODM was ready for elections in August and voters should arm themselves with ID cards ahead of registration of voters.

Mudavadi, also the Deputy Prime Minister, said he will not ditch the party as it has been suggested to him by some people.

“We want to build our parties properly. If delegates decide that they want Raila I must respect the decision of the party and if I get the ticket he should support me,” he said.

He said devolution is the linchpin of the new dispensation and those opposed to it are the ones who want to scrap the senate.

Ikolomani MP Bonny Khalwale who was also in attendance said the executive’s attempts at changing the election date would not bear fruit.

Area MP Yusuf Chanzu criticized politicians who use money to campaign blaming recent deaths of youths in the constituency on their activities. Raila’s wife Ida and Mudavadi’s Tess attended the event.

Jirongo asks Raila, Uhuru, Kalonzo and Ruto to shelve their presidential ambitions to unite the nation

KAKAMEGA        Saturday, December 03, 2011

By Chris Mahandara.
Presidential hopeful Cyrus Jirongo has urged big names in next year’s
presidential race to shelve their ambition and support his
presidential bid for the sake of unity and prosperity of the nation.
The Lugari MP said Kenyans have not fully recovered from the events
that followed the controversial 2007 presidential elections adding
that it was only fair for those who featured prominently to step aside
for new blood to heal the nation.
The MP who launched his presidential bid in July this year said if
Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta or
Eldoret North Mp William Ruto is elected president next year other
communities across the country would not be comfortable.
“This is likely to take us back to violence yet all we want is a
peaceful country to create an enabling environment for development,”
said the MP.
Jirongo said a leader from the Luhya community was better placed to
unite the nation and heal tribal animosities that resulted into the
2007 poet election clashes.
“Luhya’s are very peaceful and coexist with all communities across the
country and given an opportunity to lead Kenya will be more peaceful
and prosperous,” he said.
For many years, he said Luhya’s have overwhelmingly supported other
communities for the top seat adding that it was now time for them to
support a leader from the community.
He reiterated that he was firmly in the race and will continue talking
to other like minded leaders to make the dream a reality.
The MP made the remarks today during  a funeral at Mbale in Vihiga County.

ODM supporters oppose a repeat of branch elections in Lugari


Monday, 28 November 2011     By kakamegatimes

ANGRY ODM supporters from Lugari district have protested a repeat branch party election ordered by the national office describing it as an abuse to a democratic process.

Led by Nabii Nabwera and former area MP Dr.Wamalwa Kibunguchy, they accused the party of failing to acknowledge a list of officials who were elected yesterday.

They blamed a national party official from the area whom they said was hell bent on manipulating the election  causing discontent among supporters.

Nabwera who was elected as chair and Kibunguchy loudly wondered why such open and fair elections could warrant being cancelled arguing that it was a ploy to deny delegates from the area in participating in today’s county elections in Kakamega.

They called on the national office to let residents freely elect leaders of their choice without interference.

Nabwera was yesterday declared the winner after beating his lone opponent Godfrey Minodi with 162 votes against 11.

Shun tribal alliances, Kenyans told


Sunday, September 25, 2011       KNA      By Chris Mahandara.

Gatanga Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Kenneth has cautioned Kenyans to be wary of tribal affiliations being formed by a clique of politicians in preparation of next year’s general elections.

The MP said such affiliations were against the spirit of the new constitution adding that they were likely to result into violence if not tamed.

Speaking yesterday during a fundraising at Friends Malava Boys High School in Kakamega North, Kenneth said time for tribal alliances was long gone adding that the country requires a non partisan visionary leader to turn around the economy.

The Planning, National Development and Vision 2030 assistant minister urged Kenyans to vet all leaders aspiring for political seats in the forth coming general elections to ensure that only development conscious leaders are elected.

He said it was unfair for some legislators to seek amendment of the constitution to push the elections slated for the second week of August next year to December.

“How can we seek to amend the constitution at a time Kenyans are crying to have it fully implemented,” he said.

Some of the reasons being advanced by a crossection of MPs, he said have no basis since parliament can approve a supplementary budget to have the elections in August.

He termed the move as an act of cowardice saying that he was prepared for the elections and ready to battle it out with other presidential hopefuls.

“They have been leading in opinion polls so why are they scared?” he asked.

The assistant minister further took issue with leaders calling for the review of the names proposed to run the Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) saying they were out to plant their stooges at the commission to rig the elections.

He said the proposed names must not favour ODM or PNU adding that all the country requires is a neutral body to run the elections in a free and fair manner.