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AP organises a 330 walk to sensitise officers on stress management

KAKAMEGA Monday, October 03, 2011

By Chris Mahandara.

An administration police officer has organized a 330k walk from Nyeri to Nairobi to sensitise police officers on stress management to curb the increased incidents of suicides in the disciplined forces. Kakamega Administration Police Commandant (DAPC) Francis Kooli who recently walked for 250 km from Kakamega to help raise blood said the walk slated for 10th October-20th October aims to empower both regular and administration police officers on stress management and how to handle relationships at work and home. Stress, he said was to blame for a series of suicides that has rocked the disciplined forces over the years adding that public barazas have been lined up to counsel the officers and members of the public since the region has recorded the highest number of cases. Kooli is expected to walk from Nakuru, Subukia, Nyahururu, Ndaragua, Nyeri, Karatina, Sagana, Makuyu, Kenol, Thika and Nairobi. Mr. Kooli’s role in the 330 km walk dubbed let us talk-say no to suicides is to create awareness and mobilize officers and members of the public to attend public counseling barazas lined up at all the 9 towns along the route. Chief counselors from Western, Rift Valley, Central and Nairobi provinces shall take the officers and members of the public through the counseling and training sessions. Mr. Kooli said part of the initiative is to sensitise the officers and other public servants on the need to seek counseling services from the provincial counselors who were deployed by the government to assist public servants manage stress to boost productivity. The counseling sessions have been categorized into two; members of the public shall be counseled together with regular and administration police officers during the day then the officers shall have their own session in the evening. During the evening sessions, police officers shall be trained on stress management at the same time given an opportunity to ventilate stress related issues believed to be behind the series of suicides. “We have done research and we know some of these issues but we want to hear from the officers themselves so that we come up with a comprehensive report which we shall present to the minister of internal security and provincial administration for action,” said Kooli. In Nairobi, Kooli has invited regular police officers from all ranks and administration police officers from the Administration Police Training College, Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU) and Security of Government Buildings (SGB) and members of the public to a big public counseling and stress management baraza at Uhuru Park on 20th October. He hopes that the walk and counseling sessions, a new phenomenon in the country would open the doors to free sharing of problems, ideas and information between the officers and members of the public to create mutual respect and understanding. “We want our officers to work in stress-free environment and maintain cordial relationships with members of the public,” said the DAPC. Born in conflict-ravaged Turkana District, Francis Kooli, 40, is man who straddles several worlds. He has been involved in peace negotiations in areas affected by clashes and his fluency in Luo, Kikuyu, Luhya, Kalenjin, Kiswahili, English and Turkana further suits him for the mission. Last month the officer rallied his colleagues and residents of Kakamega town to donate food to hunger stricken communities of Turkana. The initiative managed to raise food worth Sh. 600, 000 which was distributes to the families by APs.


APs donate food worth Sh. 600, 000 to hunger stricken families in Turkana

KAKAMEGA            Saturday, August 27, 2011

By Chris Mahandara.

Administration police officers from Kakamega Central today dispatched food worth Sh. 600, 000 to hunger stricken families in Turkana.

This follows a month long campaign dubbed “Donate Unga and Save a Life in Turkana”  the brain child of Kakamega AP Commandant Francis Kooli who recently covered 260km from the Town to Nakuru to raise blood and save a life.

Speaking after flagging off the donation, Western Provincial Commissioner Mr. Samuel Kilele said the campaign realized 7, 886 kgs of maize, 128kgs of beans, 96 bottles of water, 113 kgs of rice, 189 packets of milk and clothes worth Sh. 5, 000.

The PC commended the APs for the noble initiative saying the officers who work with communities at grassroots were touched by the plight of families affected by food shortage in Turkana and decided to forego meals to donate.

He thanked members of the public for partnering with the APs to make the campaign a success.

Superintendent Kooli, said the initiative demonstrates the force’s commitment to enhance good relationship with members of the public.

‘We realized that in the past there was a big gap between the officers and members of the public but initiatives like this keep us closer,” he said.