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Shinyalu murder survivor recounts how she escaped death


By Chris Mahandara.

35 year old Rael Amina is counting herself lucky to be alive after escaping the wrath of one Geoffrey Khamalishi who slashed his wife and two children to death at Mutsyulo village in Shinyalu on Tuesday.

Amina who responded to a distress call came face to face with death when she was accosted by the suspect who was bailing for her blood.

“It was 2pm when I heard my in-law and her child crying for help saying they were being killed and decided to find out what was going on,” she said.

Her husband was first to dash out to the brother’s homestead where he saw a panga lying in cold blood and rushed back to caution Amina not to go there.

She however started screaming and calling for help and this attracted Khamalishi’s attention.

“He came running to my house and told me why are you crying? Pick up your phone and tell the media what I have done,” she recounts.

Before she could answer, Khamalishi attacked her and cut her three times on the head and the left hand.

“I pleaded with him to stop but he could hear none of that and told me that he wanted to cut my neck off however I wrestled him and managed to escape. My husband ran after me and rushed me to hospital,” she said.

Speaking to the press at her home, Amina said it was through sheer luck that she escaped. “I don’t know how I managed to knock him down and escape,” she said.

The man’s five year old son Alvina Butoyi who also managed to escape is still in shock and can hardly discuss the matter.

Butoyi managed to run when his father set on her mother and two siblings ending their lives prematurely.

Shinyalu MP Kizito Mugali who visited the family urged area residents to exercise restraint and solve family disputes in a civilized manner.

He said it was unfortunate for similar incidents to continue being reported in the area urging the locals to volunteer information to the authorities on families that have perennial domestic problems so that the issues are addressed before getting out of hand.

The MP pledged to support and pay the school fees of five year old Alvina Butoyi who is in nursery school.

However Geoffrey Khamalishi has not been found. The locals say he drowned himself in River Yala. However the remains have not been found.

Meanwhile Mutsulyo village is bracing itself for elaborate traditional rituals to cleanse the bereaved family and their relatives after their kin did the unthinkable.

The family of Mzee Alphonse Mushira has to undergo several rituals as dictated by his Luhya community’s traditions. This is meant to keep off ‘ghosts’, which might return to haunt the family.

According to the Luhya customs, such an incident is highly unacceptable and viewed as satanic.

The rituals include burying the deceased in a cemetery where no formal burial ceremony would be conducted during interment.

The deceased’s house will also be destroyed among others.



10 year old minor rescued in Lugari


Wednesday, January 11, 2012      By Kakamegatimes reporter

Acting on a tip off from a helpline in Nairobi last week, the children department in conjunction with the police has unearthed a shocking case of child defilement in which a man aged 30 years has been staying with a minor of 10 years for the last three years in Lugari district.

Speaking to Kakamegatimes today, Lugari District Children Officer, Mr. Alfred Abomah, said that towards the end of last week he received a helpline call from one of the children offices in Nairobi asking him to help establish the whereabouts of a young girl who had been reported missing after leaving her home in Siaya district to Lugari district in company of some relatives immediately after the post-election violence in 2008.

With scanty details about the girl, Mr. Abomah and area deputy police boss, Mr. Gregory Mutiso, moved in swiftly and launched a series of investigations into the matter before reaching the minor who was identified as Beatrice Ajuma on Monday and arresting the culprit, Mr. Apollo Ogutu Okwemba, who hails from Manyonyi village in Lumakanda location.

Yesterday, Okwemba accompanied by his mother, Mrs. Beatrice Sarah Okwemba, appeared before the deputy police boss at Lugari police headquarters in Lumakanda where he spent about three hours of grilling made and recorded shocking confessions on how he has been defiling the young girl since she was brought to their home three years ago.

According to Mrs. Okwemba, her daughter, Mrs. Dorina Andisi Okwemba, was married to a man from Siaya, but the two were staying in Kiberia in Nairobi until 2008 when the husband was killed during the post-election violence.

After the burial ceremony of the son-in-law, her daughter and some relatives visited their Siaya home and it’s during that time that the young Ajuma accompanied the visitors on their journey back to Lugari where she has been staying to date.

In fact she was enrolled in a near by school called Mbaya Primary where until Monday, she was a pupil in standard three.

But denying claims of defilement, Okwemba’s mother defended his lame son, saying that she was not aware that he has been having carnal knowledge with the girl.

However, when interrogated the girl gave a detailed account on how Okwemba approached her about three years ago and convinced her to be living in his house as a prospective wife while she continued with her learning in full knowledge of the mother.

According to Mr. Mutiso, Okwemba who has not denied the girl’s claims has been taken to Eldoret magistrate court where charges of defilement would be preffered against him.

Meanwhile, Mr. Abomah confirmed that the minor has been shifted to Nyumba ya Upenda Children Home, a children charitable institution, in Matunda location in Likuyani district where she will be under safe care as efforts to establish her real home in Siaya continue.

The deputy police boss has at the same time urged all chiefs and their assistants to help the police and children departments fight the war against child abuse in the area and warned them against complacency, especially on people they suspected of being strangers in the district.

DC mobbed over insecurity and murder of three watchmen

BUNGOMA  Monday, 5th Dec 2011

By Kakamegatimes

A tense atmosphere engulfed a small village of Namang’ofulo following the murder of three guards of a coffee factory by suspected robbers.

Bungoma West DC Paul Marinyang’ was mobbed by a crowd that accused the security machinery of being complicit. Police were forced to disperse the rowdy crowd to clear the road that was blocked by it.

Earlier this morning Western PPO Benson Githinji said the three guards of Namang’ofulo Coffee Factory were pinioned by unknown number of robbers armed with crude weapons and slashed to death.

Two more guards escaped and raised alarm, prompting quick response by the villagers who cornered two suspects and lynched them.

Earlier this morning, added the PPO, one more suspect was arrested by police but lynched shortly after arrest by the angry residents bringing the number of deaths to six.

“I cannot address them now because we are trying to clear the road and they are not giving any reason for their action,” said Marinyang’ of the rowdy crowd.

The suspects had taken 7 bags of coffee but abandoned them and sped off in their vehicle after the public responded to the alarm raised.

Nurse narrowly escapes death


Nov 30                             ByKakamegatimes correspondent

A NURSE at Kipkaren trading center narrowly escaped death this morning when irate members of the public attacked him for allegedly assaulting an 8 year old boy who touched his vehicle triggering an alarm

According to sources the overzealous youngster who was going about his business accidently came into contact with the automobile parked outside the paramedic’s private clinic triggering the alarm drawing his wrath.

Angered, the nurse stormed out of the premises and attacked the victim with blows and kicks before hurling him onto the Eldoret- Webuye highway unconscious.

The action triggered anger among members of the public who confronted him with a view to meting instant disciplinary action.

Sensing danger, the medic managed to tactfully dodge the crowd baying for his blood and fled into his clinic, bolting doors behind him.

The blood thirsty crowd ultimately decided to vent their anger on his vehicle a Mercedes Benz reg no KAB 342S by deflating the wheels before threatening to plunge it into the raging waters of Kipkaren River.

Quick action by administration police officers managed to salvage the vehicle as the irate crowd viciously engaged the officers in running battles.

Reinforcement of regular police officers from Lumakanda police station arrived in time and over powered the crowd before saving the hunted paramedic who was facing threats of being set a light in the building.

He was whisked to Lumakanda police station where he is still undergoing investigations. The vehicle was also towed to the station.


Maize thief lynched


Monday, 28 November 2011      By Kakamegatimes

A SUSPECTED thief was today lynched by irate members of the public after they nabbed him stealing maize at Kiwanja Ndege village.

The suspect had broken into a maize  store when the owner was woken up by commotion in his compound forcing him to raise an alarm.

Confirming the incident area deputy policeboss Mr. Gregory Mutiso said the deceased with his two accomplices who managed to escape had broken into the food store at 2am last night with the intention of stealing the maize.

The alarm, he said attracted neighbors  who cornered one of the suspects and set on him with all manner of crude weapons killing him on the spot.

His body has been removed to Webuye district hospital mortuary.

Pray for Kenyan troops, christians urged

KAKAMEGA     Friday, November 4th, 2011

By Chris Mahandara.

Christians from all corners of the republic have been asked to pray for Kenyan troops fighting the Alshabaab militia in Somalia to make their mission a success.

Kakamega Fellowship Center Bishop Nicholas Olumasai said it was evident that the militia posed a great threat to security and stability of the nation urging the soldiers to forge ahead with their mission to ensure that they are wiped out.

Christians, who have been targeted by the militia in past attacks, he said, are under more threat since the war against the Alshabaab started urging them to pray earnestly and support the Kenyan troops through every means possible.

Speaking in Kakamega town today, Bishop Olumasai appealed to the government to beef up security across the country to prevent revenge attacks planned by the militia.

“The checkups and increased surveillance we are witnessing today must be there always to protect out sovereignty and independence as a nation,” said the bishop.

He asked Kenyans to be on the lookout and report any suspicious people to the police to prevent attacks similar to those witnessed in Nairobi.

The government, he said must continue with the operation Linda nchi at the same time give more support to the troops in Ethiopia.

“We cannot sit back and let our neighbours take advantage of our kindness to come and distabilise peace and tranquility in our country,” he said.

He further urged the international community to support the Kenyan army with resources and other needs that may arise.

Murder mystery

BUSIA   Tuesday, 5 September 2011

By Kakamegatimes correspondent

There was chaos in Busia town on Friday as a group calling itself the border boys moved around the town in a pickup van carrying the corpse of one of their members who was allegedly killed after a fight while screaming out his name as well as singing praise songs in his honour.

Mr. Dickens Lukaha a Clearing and Forwarding employee is said to have fought with some two other men  identified as Jack and Sam over a lady named Mercy who is said to be working at a night club in the border town.

It was during this fight that he succumbed to his untimely death although it was also said that he was killed because he had double crossed them in a money deal.

The 27 year old man lived alone with his two children at his Burumba home . The border boys moved from the mortuary to the customs gate then to road blocks where they met other members  and then went to his Burumba home where the body was laid to rest  very late in the afternoon.

Investigations into his death are still going.The two men suspected to be behind the killing were yesterday released due to lack of evidence.

Volunteer information to curb insecurity, wananchi told



Saturday, August 27, 2011                 By Chris Mahandara.

Members of the public have been urged to volunteer information to police to rein in on armed robbers terrorizing residents of Bungoma North district.

Following an increase in cases of armed robbery and murder in the area, the government has asked members of the public who have firearms illegally to voluntarily surrender them.

Western Provincial Commissioner (PC) Mr. Samuel Kilele said the government will take stern action against those found with firearms illegally in the area.

Speaking during the burial of Mrs. Margaret Kakai Asengi, who until her death was an assistant chief for Mukuyuni sub location, the PC said police will treat information given to them with confidence to bring to book perpetrators of crime in the area.

Mrs. Asengi was shot dead by armed gangsters last Friday outside her home as she responded to a distress call from a neighbor who had been attacked.

So far nobody has been arrested in connection with the killing. The killing comes barely two weeks after Webuye Deputy Mr. Timothy Karandini was shot dead at his home in Webuye by thugs who were armed with AK 47 riffles.

“She was in charge of security here and now that she has been killed we are not taking it lightly,” said the PC.




Residents cry foul over insecurity

BUNGOMA NORTH         Monday, August 22, 2011

By Chris Mahandara.

Residents of Bungoma North district have appealed to the government to mop out illegal firearms being used to terrorize and kill innocent lives in the area.

Led by Dr. Leonard Masinde, a resident of Mukuyuni in Bungoma North district they said insecurity along the Webuye- Kitale road had reached unprecedented levels.

Dr. Maside whose home was attacked by armed thugs on Friday said the thugs who were armed by an AK 47 riffle fired one round of ammunition through his sitting room window after he refused to open the door.

He said this was the third time his home was being attacked adding that some of the suspect who were released due to lack of evidence over the last attacks were believed to be behind the Friday night attack.

The thugs who the same night shot dead Mukuyuni sub location assistant chief Mrs. Margaret Asengi are still at large.

The assistant chief was shot outside her home after she got out to respond to a distress call from Dr. Masinde’s home.

The killing comes barely two weeks after Webuye Deputy Mayor Mr. Timothy Karandini was shot dead at his home by thugs armed with AK 47 riffles.

Western Deputy Provincial Police Officer Mr. William Twere Okello said the thugs are believed to be from the area.

He said police were following crucial leads that would lead to their arrest urging members of the public to volunteer information to the police.

“If you know that your neighbor is a thief or has an illegal firearm pleas give us that information so that we can protect you,” he said.

In an interview with Kakamega Times in his office today, the deputy police boss asked all officers commanding police divisions in the province to expand community policing committees to make them more effective.

The committees, he said were a sure was of wiping out criminals out to terrorize peace loving citizens.

Meanwhile, Western Provincial Commissioner (PC) Mr. Samulel Kilele has called upon area residents holding illegal fire arms to surrender them to the government voluntarily.

The PC said the government will not allow a few individuals to put the lives of others at risk adding that forceful disarmament would begin soon to restore security in the area.

The government, he added would assist the family of the slain assistant chief to meet the burial expenses.

Assistant Chief shot

KAKAMEGA      Saturday, August 20, 2011

By Chris Mahandara.

A somber mood has engulfed Mukuyani sub location in Bungoma North district after three armed robbers attacked and shot dead an assistant chief.

Mrs. Margaret Kakai Asengi, who was the assistant chief for the location was way laid by the thugs at 1.30 am as she tried to respond to a distress call from a neighbor who had been attacked.

Western Deputy Provincial Police Officer Mr. William Okello said the armed gagsters tried to gain entry into the home of Mrs. Anne Masinde, the deputy principal of Mukuyuni Secondary School.

They demanded her to open the door but she refused forcing them to fire one round through the sitting room window which went through and hit the wall. The deputy principal then called the assistant chief and informed her that she had been attacked.

After failing to gain entry into the house, the gangsters broke into the house of one of the workers at the home and demanded that he takes them to the assistant chief’s home. They beat him up and abandoned him along the way.

The assistant chief on the other end was already out waking up neighbours to go and assist the deputy principal.

She was in the company of two young men walking towards the deputy principal’s home when the gangsters waylaid them.

The two young men managed to escape leaving the assistant chief alone. They shot her in the stomach and the right arm killing her on the spot. They then sped off on foot.

Mr. Okello said police who at this time were at the deputy principal’s home rushed to the scene after hearing gun shots and found the body of the late chief lying in cold blood.

The deputy police boss said nobody has been arrested but police were following crucial leads that would lead to their arrest.

Western Provincial Commissioner (PC) Mr. Samuel Kilele termed the incident as unfortunate and appealed for calm as police continue with investigations.

The PC described the slain assistant chief as a dedicated hard working civil servant who was quick to administer her duties something that resulted into her death.

Police, he said would not stop at anything until the mystery behind the killing is resolved. He urged members of the public to volunteer information that would lead to the arrest of the suspects.

Speaking to mourners at the home, the administrator asked anybody with an illegal firearm to surrender it to the police before the law takes its course.

The government, he said would embark on forceful disarmament in the area that has witnessed a series of brutal murders over the last one month.

Three weeks ago, a businessman was shot dead along the Webuye- Kitale road. Webuye deputy mayor Timothy Karandini was shot dead at his home in Webuye by thugs who were armed with AK 47 riffles two weeks ago.

Area residents told the provincial security team to ensure that the AK 47 riffles being used by thugs in the area are removed from the hands of the public.