House adjourned as members seek pay rise

KAKAMEGA               Wednesday 8, March 2013          By Kakamegatimes

Business at Kakamega County Assembly has come to a standstill after members moved a motion to adjourn the house seeking a pay hike.
The motion was moved by leader of majority Reuben Nyangewso who said the members were unable to move from their respective wards to attend the assembly since they have no commutter and house allowances.
He added that the salary of the county assembly members was inadequate to facilitate their movement and enable them participate effectively in the business of the house.
“Kakamega County is big and for the last two months members have suffered travelling from far flung corners of this county to attend the assembly others have been forced to sleep is weird places,” he said.
Nyangwesso said the members will from today operate from their wards untill their grievances are addressed.
“We shall wait for communication from the speaker once our grievances have been addressed,” he said.
The motion was seconded by leader of minority Steven Ambulwa who took issue with the salaries and renumeration commission.
The commission, he said must be disbanded since it has failed to harmonise salaries of state officers.
He said it was unfair to pay county ward representatives in kakamega County Sh. 52, 000 yet they are suppossed to oversee Sh. 10 billion to be devolved to the second largest county in the country.
He asked the SRC to peg the county assembly members salary on that of the governor to ensure that they actively perform their duties.
The members, he said will push to be paid a salary of Sh. 320, 000 plus house and commutter allowances.
The move comes at a time when the members are expected to vet the namers of executive committee members at the same time discuss the budget.
House speaker Maurice Buluma said the members were frustrated adding that effoprts to seek audience with the SRC were futile.
“We have on several occassions booked appointments with the SRC chairperson but whenever we go to Nairobi she is nowhere to be seen,” he said.
He however remained optimistic that the issue shall be addressed so that normal house business resumes.


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