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Shinyalu murder survivor recounts how she escaped death


By Chris Mahandara.

35 year old Rael Amina is counting herself lucky to be alive after escaping the wrath of one Geoffrey Khamalishi who slashed his wife and two children to death at Mutsyulo village in Shinyalu on Tuesday.

Amina who responded to a distress call came face to face with death when she was accosted by the suspect who was bailing for her blood.

“It was 2pm when I heard my in-law and her child crying for help saying they were being killed and decided to find out what was going on,” she said.

Her husband was first to dash out to the brother’s homestead where he saw a panga lying in cold blood and rushed back to caution Amina not to go there.

She however started screaming and calling for help and this attracted Khamalishi’s attention.

“He came running to my house and told me why are you crying? Pick up your phone and tell the media what I have done,” she recounts.

Before she could answer, Khamalishi attacked her and cut her three times on the head and the left hand.

“I pleaded with him to stop but he could hear none of that and told me that he wanted to cut my neck off however I wrestled him and managed to escape. My husband ran after me and rushed me to hospital,” she said.

Speaking to the press at her home, Amina said it was through sheer luck that she escaped. “I don’t know how I managed to knock him down and escape,” she said.

The man’s five year old son Alvina Butoyi who also managed to escape is still in shock and can hardly discuss the matter.

Butoyi managed to run when his father set on her mother and two siblings ending their lives prematurely.

Shinyalu MP Kizito Mugali who visited the family urged area residents to exercise restraint and solve family disputes in a civilized manner.

He said it was unfortunate for similar incidents to continue being reported in the area urging the locals to volunteer information to the authorities on families that have perennial domestic problems so that the issues are addressed before getting out of hand.

The MP pledged to support and pay the school fees of five year old Alvina Butoyi who is in nursery school.

However Geoffrey Khamalishi has not been found. The locals say he drowned himself in River Yala. However the remains have not been found.

Meanwhile Mutsulyo village is bracing itself for elaborate traditional rituals to cleanse the bereaved family and their relatives after their kin did the unthinkable.

The family of Mzee Alphonse Mushira has to undergo several rituals as dictated by his Luhya community’s traditions. This is meant to keep off ‘ghosts’, which might return to haunt the family.

According to the Luhya customs, such an incident is highly unacceptable and viewed as satanic.

The rituals include burying the deceased in a cemetery where no formal burial ceremony would be conducted during interment.

The deceased’s house will also be destroyed among others.