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10 year old minor rescued in Lugari


Wednesday, January 11, 2012      By Kakamegatimes reporter

Acting on a tip off from a helpline in Nairobi last week, the children department in conjunction with the police has unearthed a shocking case of child defilement in which a man aged 30 years has been staying with a minor of 10 years for the last three years in Lugari district.

Speaking to Kakamegatimes today, Lugari District Children Officer, Mr. Alfred Abomah, said that towards the end of last week he received a helpline call from one of the children offices in Nairobi asking him to help establish the whereabouts of a young girl who had been reported missing after leaving her home in Siaya district to Lugari district in company of some relatives immediately after the post-election violence in 2008.

With scanty details about the girl, Mr. Abomah and area deputy police boss, Mr. Gregory Mutiso, moved in swiftly and launched a series of investigations into the matter before reaching the minor who was identified as Beatrice Ajuma on Monday and arresting the culprit, Mr. Apollo Ogutu Okwemba, who hails from Manyonyi village in Lumakanda location.

Yesterday, Okwemba accompanied by his mother, Mrs. Beatrice Sarah Okwemba, appeared before the deputy police boss at Lugari police headquarters in Lumakanda where he spent about three hours of grilling made and recorded shocking confessions on how he has been defiling the young girl since she was brought to their home three years ago.

According to Mrs. Okwemba, her daughter, Mrs. Dorina Andisi Okwemba, was married to a man from Siaya, but the two were staying in Kiberia in Nairobi until 2008 when the husband was killed during the post-election violence.

After the burial ceremony of the son-in-law, her daughter and some relatives visited their Siaya home and it’s during that time that the young Ajuma accompanied the visitors on their journey back to Lugari where she has been staying to date.

In fact she was enrolled in a near by school called Mbaya Primary where until Monday, she was a pupil in standard three.

But denying claims of defilement, Okwemba’s mother defended his lame son, saying that she was not aware that he has been having carnal knowledge with the girl.

However, when interrogated the girl gave a detailed account on how Okwemba approached her about three years ago and convinced her to be living in his house as a prospective wife while she continued with her learning in full knowledge of the mother.

According to Mr. Mutiso, Okwemba who has not denied the girl’s claims has been taken to Eldoret magistrate court where charges of defilement would be preffered against him.

Meanwhile, Mr. Abomah confirmed that the minor has been shifted to Nyumba ya Upenda Children Home, a children charitable institution, in Matunda location in Likuyani district where she will be under safe care as efforts to establish her real home in Siaya continue.

The deputy police boss has at the same time urged all chiefs and their assistants to help the police and children departments fight the war against child abuse in the area and warned them against complacency, especially on people they suspected of being strangers in the district.


Cost sharing programme lauched to promote aquaculture

KAKAMEGA Wednesday, January 11, 2012

By Chris Mahandara.

The ministry of fisheries has come up with a cost sharing programme with farmers to lower the cost of fish production in Western Province. Under the programme, the government shall stock 300 fingerlings per fish pond in the area at the same time provide 40% of feeds for every farmer. The farmers would in turn be expected to meet the 60% cost of feeds and stock an additional 700 fingerlings per pond. Western Provincial Fisheries Officer Mr. Aggrey Busiega said the move is expected to woo more farmers into fish farming to promote development of aquaculture in the area. Mr. Busiega added that the government has also purchased fish feeds pelletizing machines which have been given to farmers in four clusters. The machines, he said are expected to lower the cost of feeds from Sh. 65 per kilogram to less than Sh. 40 at the same time ensure that feeds are readily available for the farmers. In an interview with Kakamegatimes today, Mr. Busiega disclosed that government has constructed 24 reservoirs in the province which will also be stocked with fish alongside other water bodies in the area. The reservoirs constructed under the Economic Stimulus programme would be managed by the communities.

ODM wrangles in Lurambi intensify


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

By Chris Mahandara.

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Lurambi Sub branch leadership wrangles intensified yesterday with one aggrieved group insisting it will go to court to block the party national elections if fresh grass root elections for the area are not called within seven days.

The aggrieved group led by chairmen from 17 wards has given the ODM elections board a seven days ultimatum to order fresh elections for the sub branch.

Yesterday one of the officials of the sub branch Mr. Francis Afundi said they want the election repeated because those purporting to lead the sub branch were not constitutionally elected but handpicked.

He said for democracy to be seen to be working election of leaders at any level of the party must be conducted in a free and fair manner.

The officials, he said were in office illegally adding that if the matter is not resolved by Orange house a case would be filled in Court on 13th January.

Yesterday the two groups held meetings in separate hotels in Kakamega town after the Afundi led group declined to have a joint meeting with the officials in question.

Afundi called on the ODM party leader Prime Minister Raila Odinga to intervene and order for fresh election to end wrangles in the sub branch.

He said the group paid Sh. 20, 000 which the ODM elections board requires to hear appeals from aggrieved members of the party but so far nothing has been done to address the issue.

Speaking separately, a representative of the other group Mr. David Malala who was elected sub branch organizing secretary said the splinter group was being used by politicians whom lost out at county elections to destabilize the party.

Mr. Malala said some of them are not even member of ODM adding that the officials were elected in a transparent manner.

“We are legally in office and have already embarked on strengthening the party at grassroots level,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from the branch chairman Lurambi MP Manyala Keya were futile.

However Mr. Peter Mate, the sub branch interim chairman denied they were being used by one of the losers in the county elections.

He said the 17 ODM wards chairmen represented the interests and desires of the party’s members in the sub branch to have properly elected leaders who can steer the party to victory in the forth coming general elections. Lurambi has a total of 19 wards.

“If they claim they were elected then how come 17 out of 19 chairmen are not with them?” he asked.

New rice variety introduced in western province


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

By Chris Mahandara.

A rain fed rice species that promises to boost food production in the four counties of Western Province has been introduced in the area by the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with the Japanese Agency for International Development (JICA). The fast maturing and high yielding rice known as New Rice for Africa (Nerica) is ideal for small scale farmers since it requires little labour, capital and land to produce. Western Provincial Director of Agriculture (PDA) Mr. John Cheruiyot said through partnership with JICA rice milling machines will be in all the four counties to process the rice. He appealed to more farmers in the area to grow the crop to boost food security and empower themselves economically. He said the ministry of agriculture and JICA has introduced the rice in the area through the Rice Shiba Committee to boost food security and earn income for the local farmers. So far in the province, Rice is only being grown in parts of Busia and Teso. Mr. Cheruiyot made the remarks at Shisiru divisional headquarters in Kakamega central district where he witnessed the ground breaking ceremony of a site where one of the rice mills will be installed. Speaking during the same occasion, Kakamega County Council Vice chairman Councilor Dickson Ashivika said the rice will serve as an alternative subsistence crop for the region predominantly under maize and sugarcane.